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Welcome to Toledo Pet School’s

“Top Sch-collar” Program!

Whether it’s learning the basic skills of living or higher mannerisms, our pet trainers have the right moves.  Toledo Pet Farm trainers will ensure that a student will achieve their highest potential of functioning. A Top Sch-collar” will be a part of an elite group and their parents plenty to be proud of!

Both ” PUPPY” and “ADULT” classes are offered. To learn more about our training programs and rates, please call us at (419) 724 0471. 

Meet Our Trainer

Sue Hagerman: In her Own Words

I am a certified dog trainer, graduate of the Animal Behavior College, and member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  I have had dogs most of my life  including a wolf, Nikaya. Several people told me she would be untrainable and unmanageable but she finished an obedience class and graduated “with honors”.  Watching Nikaya with my other dogs taught me as much about canine behavior and communication as what she learned from me.  As a volunteer at shelters and  pet rescues I work with and foster dogs that need socialization, leash and basic training. Being involved with the Toledos PET Bull Project has been a rewarding experience teaching people to train their dogs using Force-Free methods and encouraging pet owners to be responsible.

In March 2013, I adopted a rescue that was a terrified, abused, unsocialized little guy that came from a hoarder/puppy mill situation.  It was about 3 months before I could change his collar to put tags on, had to leave leash on in the house or would never be able to get him in or out of the house. Today he greets almost everyone, “talks” to some, and loves ear scratches and belly rubs.  He had been to classes with me several times and did very well. Greeting men is taking a bit longer, but he’s making progress.

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