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Please note that before availing our boarding or daycare services, our guests must be current with their immunization schedule *.


We require-


For all canine guests: Proof of current DHLPP (yearly), Rabies, and Bordetella (yearly).

For all feline guests:  Proof of current Rabies, and FVRCP.

  • * For the safety of our guests, staff and visitors, we only honor veterinary certificates for vaccinations and do not accept breeders’ or self-vaccination records. If needed, we offer vaccinations through our onsite veterinary services.
  • Our staff will conduct a flea inspection upon arrival. Mandatory Capstar pill will be given if fleas are present.
  • If your pet is on medications, please call us prior to boarding/ day care. Please bring medications with you to give to your pets with proper dosage/ frequency.



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