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TPF to Offer “Pet Bather & Brusher” Certification

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Beginning May 2019, Toledo Pet Farm will offer a certification program in Pet Bathing and Brushing. Upon completion, the students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from Toledo Pet Farm. Toledo Career Institute and Toledo Pet Farm have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that allows graduates of the Certified Pet Bather & Brusher program to achieve a credit equivalency to the Basic Pet Styling (PG-100) course of the Certificate in Pet Styling program of the Toledo Career Institute. This allows graduates of the program to gain direct admission to the Intermediate Pet Styling (PG-200) course of the Certificate in Pet Styling program at Toledo Career Institute. The Certified Pet Bather/ Brusher (BB101) Course is an introduction class into the pet care Industry. Trained Pet Bathers/ Brushers are in high demand. For more details, click on Certified Pet Bather/ Brusher.

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